Murder Mystery In The Mansion ?>

Murder Mystery In The Mansion

Imagine having dinner with friends and suddenly you and your guests are thrown into the middle of a murder investigation… with you as the main suspect! Accomplished actors combine the perfect blend of improvisation with scripted dialogue to create original murder mystery dinner theater in the mini mansion. While you are enjoying your gourmet meal a murder will happen. Every dinner guest will be involved in solving the murder. Once a month, there will be a different interactive production of…

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Garden ?>


  The Perry Mansion Cultural Center is a place where classrooms can exist without desk or walls. Here students can discover how to love and nurture through plants. Classes are available for every age, interest and skill level.



PMCC will resurrect an original slave ship, incorporating all the feeling and emotion of the trans-atlantic slave trade. This experience will incorporate all of the sounds and smells from the bowls of the most infamous slave-ship in history (The slave-ship Zong.) The events will be part of an ongoing commemoration of major tragic acts of genocide in history motivated by racial hate and ignorance. The replicas are meant to promote racial understanding and cultural sensitivity between races. In memoriam to…

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Urban Communities ?>

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Urban Communities

As youth violence increases in the schools and the streets of Chicago, The Perry Mansion Cultural Center (PMCC) seeks to take a fresh approach to the examination of this growing epidemic. PMCC announces a series of three youth violence summits which will span a 12 month period beginning August 15th 2009. These summits will examine Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Urban Communities and it’s effects on the social, Cognitive, Physiological, Emotional, Behavioral and Learning abilities of children, adolescents and…

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In memoriam to those who suffered at the hands of violence, racism and greed; the lives of those to be taken by the American slave-trade shall be remembered now in the ‘tortured souls exhibit.’ A replica of the infamous ‘slave ship Zong,’ will be constructed to capture the sights, sounds, smells and horror of the original ship. We acknowledge this dark period in our nation’s history in hopes of a better future. “If you want to understand today, you must…

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This poetry workshop will provide students with a basic understanding of poetic verse and how it manifests in everyday language and modern poetic forms (e.g. Rap). Students will also be introduced to forms (both constructive and topical) that will stimulate their writing process and provoke new ideas in their work. Students will be introduced to modern era writers working in the forms we will touch upon. The workshop will begin by explaining the basic building blocks of poetic verse and…

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Imagination is everything ?>

Imagination is everything

Statistics show that the addition of cultural and artistic programs to inner-city areas can improve the lives of youth personally, academically and open the doors for a promising future. Organization Description Chicago’s South Side has an undiscovered gem with the opening of the Perry Mansion Cultural Center. The Perry Mansion is an integral part of the American Outreach 501 (C) not-for-profit organization. Our mission, “the blending of cultures through art,” allows for a multi-faceted approach to providing an avenue for…

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Healthy Meal Conversion ?>

Healthy Meal Conversion

The PM, in the heart of Chicago’s Englewood community, is seeking funds to develop a new community based initiative – Healthy Meals Health Conversations. The headline today read –“XXXX” – creating more angst within communities as community members struggle with not knowing how the decision makers are approach- ing such headlines and how they are working among community members to define solutions within the communities. Today, more so than ever communities are anxious to come together to be an instrumental…

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